National Quality Measures for Breast Centers™
A Quality Initiative of the National Consortium of Breast Centers, Inc.

Administered by:
National Consortium of Breast Centers, Inc.
PO Box 1334 | Warsaw, IN 46581-1334
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In 2005, the NCBC began the development of a Quality Initiative Program for breast centers, which has evolved into the NQMBC™ Program. This program identifies quality care measures, provides immediate access to information and allows breast centers to compare their performance with other centers across the United States.

The NCBC realizes that each breast center is unique in its location, organization and management of patient services. Participants benefit from a customized experience as they enter data and generate comparison reports, as all types of breast centers are encouraged to participate in the NQMBC™ Program.

One of the features participants find most valuable is that breast centers can enter data at their own pace. Each center can choose to complete all 36 measures or decide to focus on a select few, depending on their unique breast center type.

Each breast center has the opportunity to enter data which will be available only to the NQMBC™ Program's administrators and no outside agency.

The NCBC invites your breast center to join more than 200 participants from across the country dedicated to providing the highest quality of care to patients by using the NQMBC™ Program.

Participation Eligibility

Participation is by site. Any facility providing breast health care to patients may participate (generically referred to as breast centers). If the breast center is part of a hospital system, any one, all or select breast center sites may participate. Because quality is being measured, it is strongly suggested that in system organizations, each physical site hold its own participation identity. This allows for more accurate quality measurement and more flexibility in initiating quality improvement initiatives. The breast center does not need to be a member of NCBC to participate.

The definition of a breast center is a physical setting where breast health care services are provided. Breast health care services may be a part of the patient services offered or may be the only patient service offered at that site. The physical setting may be, but is not limited to, part of a hospital setting, medical clinic, research center, cancer center or women's wellness center. The setting may also be a building or office separate from any of the above. For the purpose of the NQMBC™ Program, any site that provides breast health care services will be included in the definition of a "breast center" which will encompass all sites where breast care services are provided.

Participation Cost

Participation in NQMBC™ Program is completely underwritten and free of charge, due to the generous underwriting of our sponsors. Many of our sponsors are tracking software companies, who have integrated their software programs with the NQMBC™ Program to allow participants to produce responses to quality measures with the click of a button.