International Overview

Participate in NQMBC

NQMBC™ program chair, Dr. Cary Kaufman, invites all facilities providing health and cancer care to consider measuring the care they provide to their patients. This program will track a center’s quality performance data and allows each participant to measure their performance with other participants. If you've not already done so, take a moment to read our program chair's special invitation!

Step One: If you're not a NCBC member already, join the National Consortium of Breast Centers as a Medical Facility.  As of June 2014, a NCBC facility membership is required to participate in the NQMBC program. 

International discounts for Direct Provider memberships (Individual Non -Physician, Individual Physician and Facility) are available to middle and low-income countries as defined by the World Bank.

Citizens of middle-income countries – 50% discount

Citizens of low-income countries – 75% discount

To determine if you qualify for financial assistance, please check the World Bank's country classification list. Applicants qualifying for the discount should email to get discount code.
Step Two: Complete and submit the NQMBC International Participation Application form. This form collects the information needed to set up your NQMBC account and will be used to send more detailed participation information to you. By completing this form, you are under no obligation to participate.  

Step Three: Apply for Certification
After your have supplied data at for at least 40% of the measures for which your quality breast center should be able to measure performance, we encourage you to apply for the initial certification level of a Certified Participant™.  You will be listed on our Certified Facilities page and will be eligible in one year to apply for the next level of certification, Certified Quality Breast Center™.