Getting Started

Getting Started – Three EASY Steps!

Step One: 

Verify that your breast center is a NCBC facility member, if not, fill out the application to become one.  Complete and submit the participation interest form. By completing this form you are under no obligation, but we know your team will benefit from participation. This quality process will be totally anonymous, meaning that no one will ever be able to see any information about your particular center, but you and all participating centers will be able to see information in aggregate about similar or “like” surgeons and of all participating centers across the country.

Step Two: 

Once you submit the participation interest form you will receive a login number to begin entering data immediately, but will not be granted access to the NQMBC – Surgeon Program’s proprietary comparison reports until your participation data has been verified and processed.

Step Three: 

After your participation data has been verified and processed, your membership account will be granted access to the NQMBC – Surgeon Program’s comparison reports. This process may take up to 3 business days.

Why is the Data Validity Agreement required with each login?
The NCBC asks all surgeons who wish to participate in the NQMBC – Surgeon Program to consenting to a Data Validity Agreement. By consenting to this agreement, the surgeon avows to the NCBC that the surgeon will be a participant in the NQMBC – Surgeon Program. This agreement serves as verification that the data a surgeon provides will be true and accurate.

This agreement also declares that the NCBC will keep all data submitted confidential in perpetuity. The NCBC will enroll the surgeon in the NQMBC – Surgeon Program.