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Special Invitation

NQMBC™ program co-chairs, Teresa Heckel and Dr. Barry Rosen, extend to all facilities providing breast health and cancer care a special invitation to consider measuring care provided to patients. This program will track a center’s quality performance data and allows each participant to measure their performance with other participants. Please take a moment and ready their invitation!

Getting Started – Two EASY Steps!

Step One: Complete and submit the participation interest form by clicking here. This form asks for contact information which will be used to send more detailed participation information to you. By completing this form, you are under no obligation to participate.  As of June 2014, a NCBC facility membership is required to participate in the NQMBC program,

Step Two: If you already know you would like to participate and your Breast Center holds a NCBC Facility Membership, just print, review, sign and fax the Data Validity Agreement to the NCBC office at 574-267-8268. Upon receipt of the data validity agreement, you will be contacted by the NCBC office with your login information and instructions for accessing the NQMBC™ Program.

Why is the Data Validity Agreement required?

The NCBC asks all breast centers who want to participate in the National Quality Measures for Breast Centers™ Program to complete a Data Validity Agreement. By completing this agreement, a facility avows, through its Medical Director or Manager, to the NCBC, that the facility will be a participant in the NCBC National Quality Measures for Breast Centers™ Program. This agreement serves as verification that the data a facility provides will be true and accurate. It also verifies that a responsible party within a breast center for the collection and submission of quality data will be designated by the Medical Director or Manager and identified to the NCBC.

This agreement also declares that the NCBC will keep all data submitted confidential in perpetuity. The NCBC will enroll the participating facility in the NCBC’s National Quality Measures for Breast Centers™ Program. NCBC will also confirm eligibility to become a Certified Participant™ and ultimately a Certified Breast Center of Excellence™.

Take the Next Step and Apply for Certification

After your have supplied data at for at least 40% of the measures for which your quality breast center should be able to measure performance, consideration should be given to making application for initial certification level of a Certified Participant™.

To begin your participation in the National Quality Measures for Breast Centers® please provide your contact information so that additional information may be sent to you.  By completing this form you are under no obligation, but we know your team will benefit from participation.  This quality process will be totally anonymous, meaning that no one will ever be able to see any information about your particular center, but you and all participating centers will be to see information in aggregate about similar or “like” centers and of all participating centers across the country.

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